We build museums, escape-rooms and interactive exhibitions. We not only build, but also create ideas. You do not have to look for students and freelancers to come up with something "unusual".

And you don’t have to look for 20 different contractors — one to make furniture, another for electronics, another for video, and one more for audio. We will do it all ourselves. We will make your visitors "like" and "repost" everything they see live.

We work so that students skip classes in museums, not in cinema.

Recent projects

Can we do this?

  • write an exhibition script (yes)
  • draw an amusement park (yes)
  • build an exhibition where nothing is clear (no)
  • produce a small copy of a factory (yes)
  • make a large copy of a factory (yes)
  • not take into account the wishes of museum curators (no)
  • explain the stellarator device with matches (yes)
  • to build a museum that we ourselves don’t find interesting (no)

Turnkey solutions

We do some projects for ourselves. They are already built, tested and delight people. We can build the same for you. You can buy them directly, like from a store shelf. From a very large shelf that can support several tons of weight:
  • Escape-rooms (we have built 30 escape-rooms for "Claustrophobia" franchise)
  • Amazing Castle (interactive entertainment park, from 130 m2)

Our team

We have our own production facility of 1000 m2, where we produce. And an office in the center of Moscow, where we come up with ideas.

Working for us:

  • screenwriters and directors
  • artists and designers
  • architects and illustrators
  • engineers and programmers
  • managers and managers
  • carpenters and welders
  • many many others
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