We create, design and build sets. Movie sets, theater sets, interactive sets. You can put any other word to the word "set" and we will build it.

Most of all we love live sets. In which there are mechanisms, screens, speakers. Static sets in the cinema and theater live off actors, they don’t need to be active. And if there are no actors, then the set should manage somehow themselves. No one will entertain visitors for them.

Case — New Year set

Let’s look at the process of making a set. This is a case of producing interactive sets, but the process for creating sets for a movie or a theater is about the same.

The task was to build a set for the children’s New Year tree. For 2 weeks, 300 children would come to the park every day. Therefore, the set had to be interactive on the one hand, and on the other hand very stable.

We were required to do everything from scratch, there were no ideas, no drawings, or anything.
The whole process took place in 3 stages: idea, visualization, construction.

1. Idea

Our screenwriters came up with several ideas. The main element was the gift-bot. This is a special machine that takes children’s letters and turns them into gifts.

In addition, young visitors were entertained by the dance wall and the tree.

2. Visualization

After the idea was agreed upon, our artists and designers proceeded to sketches and 3D renderings.

Usually this stage takes the most time, here the main coordination and negotiations take place. After all, everything will be implemented exactly as painted.

3. Construction

After the visualizations are agreed upon, the project passes to engineers and technologists. The conveyor should spin, the lights blink, and the blizzard howl. Everyday. Nonstop. With kids.

This is the fastest stage. It took us 5 days to complete the entire production and 1 more day to install.
We can make both interactive sets and an ordinary one. If you have not yet decided what you want, then we can come up with an idea, draw and build on a turn-key basis. If you already have a visualization and you understand what you want, then we can take on the production of the set.

Write to us about your task. We will estimate it and advise you on how to best fulfill it.
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