We do projects from scratch until launch. Therefore, we have a complete set of specialists: they create, design, paint, saw, repair, render, assemble and communicate with you.


Those who write the concept that will arrive on your desk first. They do all the creative work: from abstract ideas and cool mechanics to copywriting. Having created a concept, they fill it with content, communicate with scholars, search for information, discuss ideas with artists and engineers, and write, write, write.

Designers and Architects

Those who care that the ideas of the scriptwriters become more than just ideas. They create 3D visualizations and sketches of spaces and do everything so that your visitors feel like a kid in a candy store because of the interior, lighting and fonts, and not have their eyes bleeding.

Engineers and Programmers

Those who bring scriptwriters and designers back to earth. They make sure that all structures, mechanisms and multimedia are indestructible and work as they should. If they are told that they need to build a rocket, they will first name ten reasons why this is not possible, but in the end they will find ten solutions to how this can be done.

Managers and Managers

Those who will communicate with you at any time of the day or night (but better without the latter). Their goal is to make sure that workshops work, everyone knows their tasks, and your wishes are fulfilled.


Those without whom all the guys above would lose their job. They turn ideas, sketches and renderings into tangible walls, games, stands and installations.
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