Laboratory of Santa Claus

Location: Moscow, Russia
Build date: 2018
Area: 240 m2
Client: Zaryadye Park
Holiday mood generator
New Year Tree
Children find themselves in the laboratory of Santa Claus. Due to certain circumstances, he is running late and does not have time to prepare gifts. Children must save the holiday and launch the New Year Factory, otherwise there will be no New Year.

From time to time, children watch animated videos on the screen, where Santa Claus is running late for various reasons. One time his sled was stuck in the forest and the bear helped him push them. Then a dog stole his magic staff and Santa Claus runs after it. Then a boy sits on the lap of Santa Claus and reads a poem for a tediously long time. Without the help of children the holiday will be ruined. The recipe for the holiday is simple: gifts, the right mood and New Year tree.


If you can still somehow manage without a New Year tree, then without a gift the New Year is not even very new. To receive a gift, the child must tell Santa Claus what he wants. He or she could text Santa in WhatsApp, but Santa Claus is oldschool and is used to letters. The first step is a letter.

All children know that Santa Claus has a factory in which elves and deers work. They accept correspondence and give gifts. But progress does not stand still. So, the deers are on strike and demand fashionable coworking with free dinners, and the elves want to freelance from Bali.

Therefore, Santa Claus invented a gift-bot. From one end letters are loaded in it with an endless conveyor. Then, with the help of a patented technology, these letters are turned into gifts, which travel in the same endless conveyor. But to make gifts is only half the battle; they still need to be delivered.

Holiday mood generator

If you approach the issue of New Year’s mood in the traditional way, then you can not do without mandarins, Olivier salad and Soviet comedies. But time is running out, the children from Vladivostok are waiting to watch "Ivan Vasilyevich" and cook the jellied meat. Old Russian traditions.

Especially for such cases there is a New Year’s mood generator. Just press the button and the machine will come into action. Each of the elements of the holiday is activated and irradiates children with an ultra-holiday spectrum. Well, or the animation of the backlight and fun music will turn on. It makes an indelible impression on the children, you can’t drag them away from the generator before half an hour later.

New Year tree

No one really cares about the qualities of New Year's tree. If it is present, this is already half the battle. It is desirable that it be green. Beautiful is not necessary, the main thing is to be smart.

We were lucky, our tree was very smart and very beautiful. It shimmered in different colors to suit the mood.

After all three elements are ready, Santa Claus finally comes to us. Like a true leader. The old man has a very important mission, he needs to take all the gifts and give them to children throughout Russia.

Usually, Santa Claus uses sledges as a vehicle, but there is no time, so you need something very fast. For example a rocket.
Santa Claus enters the rocket, the countdown starts. And children see on the screen how the old man flies across the country delighting children with gifts.

Thus, the New Year was saved, all the children were happy, the client was happy, only Santa Claus was still sitting in the rocket. During all New Year’s holidays were held events, which were visited by 10,000 children.

And all this — without a single breakdown, although the children ran, touched, hung, played. The last object that survived this was Captain America’s shield.
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