What our firm can do for you?

To invent and build — is everything for us. We can make a toy drilling machine, a gift-bot, an escape-room about Gulliver, an exhibition about construction of the Kremlin, an interactive hotel room and much more. Museum exhibitions, exhibition stands, corporate museums, interactive sets. In general, we can do just about anything.
We can:

 — Invent and draw a sketch, if you have only an idea
 — Engineer and design, if you already have an idea of the project
— Build and mount, if you have a finished project
If you contact us, the work will take place in 3 stages:

1. We create

Work on the project begins with screenwriters. Together with you and your academic advisors, we will write a project script. Then our architects and artists will visualize it. The goal of this stage is to understand that everyone likes the project and that it will be successful.

As a result, you will receive:

  • Project script
  • Sketches or 3D visualization of the main exhibits and halls

2. We design

After the project is principally approved, we develop it in detail. Measurers make an exact model of the room, architects work out every element of the project, and engineers make sure that all this can be implemented in reality. The task of the stage is to understand how exactly the project will look in a given room.

As a result, you will receive:

  • Art concept
  • Architectural concept
  • 3D visualization of the entire project

3. We build

After the script is thought up and drawn up, we proceed to its implementation. At this stage, we weld, saw, build the scenery. Then we stuff them with electronics, mechanics, sound and lighting, so that the scenery comes to life. We write software, record audio, shoot video, draw pictures and typeset text. Then we collect everything together and test.

As a result, you will receive:

  • 12 tons of scenery
  • 20 kilometers of wires
  • 36 minutes video
  • 5 hours of audio
  • 13 GB of graphic material
And the result will be a fully functioning site, ready to delight your guests. We will deliver the equipment to the place, assemble it and help your staff to overcome the primitive fear of the unknown, sparkling and bright.

We can take on any of these parts, for example, just come up with a project, or build according to your script. But we prefer to do projects on an end-to-end basis, because only in this way the product will turn out to be solid and interesting.
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