Delicious laboratory

Location: Krasnogorsk, Russia
Build Date: 2018
Area: 620 m2
Client: «Soyuzsnab»
«Delicious laboratory» is a gamified museum with quest elements for children. This is a place where a class of children can understand in 2 hours what the company is doing and try on the role of employees.

We have chosen three main areas of Soyuzsnab's activity: chocolate, flavourings, and fermentation starters. Children are divided into three groups and simultaneously go through all the halls. And in the end they make a cake together and drink tea.


We proceeded from the fact that the information given through the story is better absorbed by children.

Therefore, we introduced a character, he greets the children in the opening animation and accompanies them in each room.

Our character, Sasha, decides to figure out what chocolate is made from. Curiosity leads Sasha to «Soyuzsnab», where he travels to production, and the visitors follow him to the Delicious Laboratory.
Following Sasha, the children move to the chocolate room to learn in detail the production technology and the history of its creation.

Chocolate room

We find ourselves in the room for manual production of chocolate, and behind the wall there is a real production, which is making chocolate right now, and you can’t go in there (yet)!

A video about the history of the invention of chocolate is projected on the table, and children must answer simple questions, find the ingredients, gradually learning how chocolate is made there behind a glass.

The video is coming to an end, but an accident occurs at the production site and without the help of our guests, there will be no chocolate. Children are divided into groups and repair a five-roller mill, a sugar grinding machine and a tempering collector. And in the end, all together they launch a cooling tunnel, from which they get real chocolate.

Flavourings room

The next room is the laboratory of a mad scientist, where he develops flavourings that are used in chips, yoghurts and preserves.

To get some kind of flavouring, you need to first "split" this flavour. Children take an apple and put it in a special installation that heats it. The flavour consists of different elements, each of which evaporates at a different temperature. By gradually warming the apple, it is possible to recognize what elements its flavour consists of.

After the flavour elements are recognized, the children undertake to recreate a similar flavour. To do this, they mix different elements that individually sound completely incomprehensible, and as a result they get a real flavour of apple, cherry and strawberry.

Fermentation starters room

In this room, we learn that dairy products are obtained from milk by adding bacteria to it. Or rather, the starter culture, which is obtained from bacteria. For example, yogurt is obtained from Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

Children take the necessary bacteria, with the help of a fermenter they make even more of these bacteria. And get the necessary starter from this. Then they add it to a huge can with milk, and enjoy the resulting yogurt.


After all the rooms, the children get together and find out that the character Sasha is not a fictional boy. This is Alexander Mikhailovich, who has been working in «Soyuzsnab» for 20 years.

In the end, the children themselves make cakes and eat them with tea.
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